Friends of the Holy Land – Role of Diocesan Coordinators

Friends of the Holy Land support Christian people and communities to enable them to remain in the Holy Land, to improve their lives, and develop the resilience they need for a sustainable future.

Our Objectives

  • Raising awareness of the challenges facing Christians in the Holy Land
  • Encouraging prayers for their intention
  • Generating and channelling financial resources to give them a sustainable future
  • Encouraging pilgrimage / visits to the Holy Land to meet and show support to local Christians

Role of Diocesan Coordinators

It is likely that Diocesan Coordinators will have visited the Holy Land either as part of a pilgrimage or privately. They will have seen and experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by Christians in their daily lives.  They will have a passion for ensuring that Christians are able to flourish in the land of Jesus birth.              

Diocesan Coordinators are asked to support FHL by ensuring the FHL message is shared throughout the diocese.  They will encourage diocesan support through the bishop, the communications officer and the parish.  They will provide a focused point of contact with the FHL Director of Development liaising regularly enabling effective two way communication.  They will engage with other FHL volunteers particularly Diocesan Coordinators, Ambassadors and the Regional Coordinator.

Contact Information

Director of Development 07539851099

Office Manager 01926 512980

Communications Manager 01926 512980

Vice Chairman and Executive Trustee

Office 01926 512980

FHL is ecumenical, entirely non-political and has the backing and blessing of Anglican and Catholic Bishops.

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