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There are over 80 million worshipping Christians around the globe in over 160 countries. The Diocese of Gloucester has forged a special link with five dioceses overseas (listed on the right). The Church is a gift that needs to be valued. Links across cultures allow friendships to develop whereby people can begin to understand one another better, while exploring differences. Our five diocesan links are with Karnataka Central and Dornakal in India, Västerås in Sweden, Western Tanganyika in Africa and El Camino Real in America.

Getting involved

There are several ways in which individuals and parishes can become more involved.

1. Pray
All the projects and people mentioned on this webpage need regular prayer support. Building a fruitful and fulfilling link cannot be done without committed prayer from those involved. Our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer provides a framework for doing so.

2. Give
Making a donation to our link dioceses is a tangible way of directly supporting their work and ministry. Money donated by you will be entrusted to our partnership representatives and spent in a way that fits best with the local needs. You may choose to donate individually, as a group or as a PCC.

Donation forms can be downloaded here

Would you like a visiting preacher with experience of our partnerships?

We have a number of people who would be happy to visit churches, benefices or Deaneries to preach, or speak at meetings, about the Diocesan Overseas Partnerships.

List of preachers

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