Western Tanganyika, Tanzania

Children outside a school

The people of Western Tanganyika are eager to spread the Christian faith and share the Good News across the area, with many coming forward for ordination. But conditions for those called to ordained ministry can be tough.

Priests in Africa are rarely given an agreed stipend for their work, but instead rely on donations from their parish for survival. Those called to ordination often have to seek overseas sponsorship. Money is needed to provide bicycles for pastors and their wives so they are able to reach the most isolated and vulnerable Christians.

History of the Diocese of Tanganyika

This Diocese was established in 1966 and is the largest diocese (geographically) within the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Church here in Africa is blessed with a strong faith.

Although the people have few financial resources to share with the Church, they give freely of their time and labour to build places of worship for their community. Church buildings are often built of straw by local people, who struggle to find funding for roofing. The buildings overflow with large congregations of faithful Christians who meet to worship together regularly.

Education is greatly valued, but many families are unable to afford the cost of a basic primary school education for their children. Those who have no parents are also extremely vulnerable and the Diocese has established a centre at Matiazo Hospital to look after some of these children. Ongoing support for both of these projects is vital to their success.

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