Who’s who

Our administrative staff are headed up by Diocesan Secretary, Benjamin Preece Smith.
You can write to us at: Church House, College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LY.

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Bishops and Senior Leadership
For parish clergy, please contact reception

Church House administration

Diocesan Secretary Ben Preece Smith

Benjamin Preece Smith

Diocesan Secretary
Call us 01452 835523
Email us any timebpreecesmith@glosdioc.org.uk

Assistant to Diocesan Secretary Kerry Pateman 01452 835512 kpateman@glosdioc.org.uk
Head of Communications Lucy Taylor 01452 835515 ltaylor@glosdioc.org.uk
Senior Communications Officer Katherine Clamp 01452 835591 kclamp@glosdioc.org.uk
Senior Communication Officer – Digital Sam Cavender 01452 835591 scavender@glosdioc.org.uk
Head of HR & Safeguarding Judith Knight 01452 835526 jknight@glosdioc.org.uk
Human Resources Advisor Alice Clark 01452 835558 aclark@glosdioc.org.uk
DBS Administration Kate Peake 01452 835558 kpeake@glosdioc.org.uk
Diocesan Safeguarding Officer Becca Faal 01452 835558 bfaal@glosdioc.org.uk
Reception and Office Administrator – maternity cover Rebecca Smith 01452 835531 reception@glosdioc.org.uk

Church Buildings and Diocesan Advisory Committee

Natalie Fenner, Diocese of Gloucester

Natalie Fenner

Churches Officer & DAC Secretary
Call us 01452 835593
Email us any timenfenner@glosdioc.org.uk

Churches Officer Ian Serjeant 01452 835593 iserjeant@glosdioc.org.uk
Assistant Churches Officer Adam Klups 01452 835567 aklups@glosdioc.org.uk
Pastoral Officer Rebecca Phillips 01452 835527 rphillips@glosdioc.org.uk

Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT)

Chief Executive Rachel Howie 01452 835542 rhowie@glosdioc.org.uk
Chief Operating Officer Kerry Brimfield 01452 835565 KBrimfield@glosdioc.org.uk
Executive Officer Ellie Hully 01452 835556 ehully@glosdioc.org.uk
Accountant Nick Patten 01452 835538 npatten@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Officer Claire Morgan 01452 835579 CMorgan@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance and Academy Support Officer Chris Thompson 01452 835556 cthompson@glosdioc.org.uk

Education Department

Rachel Howie, Diocese of Gloucester

Rachel Howie

Director of Education
Call us 01452 835542
Email us any timerhowie@glosdioc.org.uk

Email us anytime at church.house@glosdioc.org.ukeducation@glosdioc.org.uk

Postal address: Education Department, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR

PA to Director of Education and Education Team Administrator Fay Price 01452 835539 fprice@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Governance Linda Rolfe 01452 835536 LRolfe@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Buildings Robert Stephens 01452 835537 RStephens@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Christian Distinctiveness Shahne Vickery 07968 152622 SVickery@glosdioc.org.uk
Admin for Buildings and Finance Clare Woodman 01452 835557 CWoodman@glosdioc.org.uk
Resource Centre Manager Hannah Hauxwell 01452 835560 resourcecentre@glosdioc.org.uk
Education and Resource Development Officer Debbie Helme 01452 835559 dhelme@glosdioc.org.uk
General Enquiries education@glosdioc.org.uk

Finance Department

Julie Ridgway, Diocese of Gloucester

Julie Ridgway

Head of Finance
Call us 01452 835564
Email us any timejridgway@glosdioc.org.uk

Finance AssistantAimi Knight aknight@glosdioc.org.uk

Diocesan Finance Officer Jessica Ahern 01452 835519 jahern@glosdioc.org.uk
Personnel / Payments Officer Anne Parker 01452 835521 AParker@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Assistant Gemma Dee 01452 835520 gdee@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Assistant – Maternity Cover Mike Talty 01452 835520 mtalty@glosdioc.org.uk
Estates and Development Manager Paula Taylor 01452 835529 ptaylor@glosdioc.org.uk

Mission and Ministry Department

Andrew Braddock, Diocese of Gloucester

Andrew Braddock

Director of Mission and Ministry
Call us 01452 835549
Email us any timeabraddock@glosdioc.org.uk

Director of Ordinands Ian Bussell 01452 835545 ibussell@glosdioc.org.uk
Associate DDO and Warden of Readers David Runcorn 07870 331537 druncorn@glosdioc.org.uk
Discipleship and Vocations Officer Pauline Godfrey 01452 835548 pgodfrey@glosdioc.org.uk
Mission and Evangelism Officer Cate Williams 01452 835543 cwilliams@glosdioc.org.uk
Children and Families Officer Jo Wetherall 01452 835552 jwetherall@glosdioc.org.uk
Self-Supporting Ministry Officer Nick Fisher 01451 861195 nick@5fishers.co.uk
PA / Team Administrator Iona Bird 01452 835551 ibird@glosdioc.org.uk
Administrative Officer Natasha Kent 01452 835544 nkent@glosdioc.org.uk
DDO Secretary Anja Frederiksen 01452 835554 afrederiksen@glosdioc.org.uk
Accord Administrator Victoria Braddock 01452 835546 accordcourses@glosdioc.org.uk

Mission and Ministry Advisors

Diocesan Ecumenical Officer Jacqui Hyde 01242 234955 revdjacqui@talktalk.net
County Ecumenical Officer Alison Evans 01453 824034 Malcolm.alison@btinternet.com
Civil Protection Advisor Peter Cheesman 01452 740533 pcheesman@glosdioc.org.uk
Environment Adviser Arthur Champion 01242 665152 achampion@glosdioc.org.uk
Chaplain Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Steve Morris 01452 610450 spadework22@gmail.com
Inter-faith Advisor Simon Howell 01453 350387 revsimonhowell@blueyonder.co.uk
Link Officer with the Committee for
Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
Frances Quist francesquist@btinternet.com
Associate CMD Officer Helen Sammon 01452 835566 hsammon@glosdioc.org.uk

Parish Giving Scheme

Helen Richardson, Diocese of Gloucester

Helen Richardson

Call us 01452 835522
Email us any timeceo@parishgivingscheme.org.uk

PGS Operations Manager Helen Taylor 01452 835533 Helen@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Officer Gail Harrison 01452 835525 Gail@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Officer Sue Strawbridge strawbridge@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Supervisor Steph Hartley 01452 835595 Steph@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Administrator Kim Carter 01452 835595 Kim@parishgivingscheme.org.uk

Property Department

David Woolf, Diocese of Gloucester

David Woolf

Head of Property
Call us 01452 835528
Email us any timeDWoolf@glosdioc.org.uk

Property Surveyor Tim Ibbetson 01452 835596 TIbbetson@glosdioc.org.uk
Good & Faithful Servant Project Manager Colin Scorer 01452 835592 CScorer@glosdioc.org.uk
Administrator Mary Coates 01452 835530 MCoates@glosdioc.org.uk

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