Parish data: Statistics for Mission

These parish stats provide a summary of the Statistics for Mission returns as submitted by churches/parishes from 2006-2015, including a small amount of census and deprivation information to provide a clear picture of the reported patterns of activity in parishes and benefices.

Parish stats data - how to
How to use the data

The attendance and participation information they contain, though an important part of the life of churches, does not represent everything that churches do, but it is hoped that by displaying it clearly and conveniently this information can better inform the decisions that churches make about their mission and ministry. Census and deprivation information on these parish ‘dashboards’ comes from government figures mapped onto parish boundaries.

Parishes, grouped by Deanery

Benefices, grouped by Deanery

Errors / missing information

For errors (or missing links) on this web page, please inform Church House in the first instance.

For errors within a specific PDF; if you believe that incorrect information has been submitted on behalf of a parish, please get in touch with the CofE Statistics Unit via email. Some errors will be easy to fix; in other cases, further information may be required and a parish may be asked to complete the relevant sections of a Statistics for Mission return. Any corrections will be incorporated into the next annual update of these ‘dashboards’.

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