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If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
[1 Cor 12; the definition of Parish Share]

Parish Share 2016

Parish share is the way in which together we fund the work of the Church of England in and around Gloucestershire.

From 2016, parish share calculations are changing, creating a fairer way to share the cost of the ministry we all receive and to ensure enough support goes to those who really need it.

You can download a leaflet with details of the changes here:

A New Parish Share Scheme (booklet)
A New Parish Share Scheme (continuous)

Parish Share 2017 detail

Parish Share 2017 – Jan-Feb Update

Parish Share 2017 – March

Parish Share 2017 – April

Parish Share 2016 detail

Parish Share to February 2016
Parish Share to March 2016
Parish Share to April 2016
Parish Share to May 2016
Parish Share to June 2016
Parish Share to July 2016
Parish Share to August 2016
 Parish Share to October 2016
 Parish Share to November 2016

Parish Share to December 2016 

Parish Share 2015

Our system:

  • Cost / Mutual Support
  • We advise your deanery of your cost
  • You commit to pay what you can
  • The difference between the two is “Mutual Support”
  • Currently five year plan for deficit recovery (2011-2015)

Parish share remittances made by parishes are monitored on a monthly basis, and can be found as downloads below. A number of inter-related features are displayed graphically to give an overall picture as we progress through the year.

If you have a query about Parish Share, please contact the Finance team.

Parish Share 2015 detail

Parish Share to December 2015
Parish Share to November 2015
Parish Share to October 2015
Parish Share to September 2015
Parish Share to August 2015
Parish Share to June 2015
Parish Share to May 2015
Parish Share to April 2015
Parish Share to March 2015
Parish Share to February 2015
Deanery Presentation 2013


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