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Whole-Life Preaching with LICC

Perspectives and practices to develop the discipling power of preaching for Monday to Sunday life. What’s the relationship between preaching and disciple making? It is possible to think that thereContinue reading

Whole-Life Worship with LICC

Inspiration and ideas to connect Sunday worship with your congregation’s everyday lives. Whole Life Worship, led by Sam and Sara Hargreaves of Engage Worship, will provide resources, songs and ideasContinue reading

Disciples at Work with LICC

Wisdom to help disciple and encourage working Christians in your church. Most people’s jobs involve a certain amount of skill and expertise, so it’s not unusual for them to receiveContinue reading

Growing Community – Activities and Getting Started

Click on the images below to discover some practical examples and ideas to follow or adapt. Tips for getting started as:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Individuals                                         A Church ActivityContinue reading

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