Clergy, Readers and Parish handbook

This is the reference handbook for Clergy, Readers and Parishes. Please refer to sections as you need them.

Section 1 – Introduction – Affirmation and Accountability 
Section 2 – Equality and Dignity
Section 3 – Starting and Ending a Clergy Role
Section 4 – Day to Day Activities and Working Arrangements
Section 5 – Family Friendly Policies and Factsheets (April 2009)
Section 6 – Clergy Welfare and Wellbeing

Section 6a Self Certificate for Clergy 2015

Section 7: Ministerial Development and Episcopal  Review

Section 7a Guidance notes for those providing input to the Episcopal Review process

Section 7b A vision for ministry in the Diocese of Gloucester

Section 7c Journeying Together

Section 7d Episcopal Review worksheet

Section 7e Episcopal Conversation worksheet

Section 7f Worksheet for Nominated people

Section 7g Letter to Referees

Section 8: Following up concerns
Section 9: Accessing Information, Advice and Support in the Diocese
Section 10: Parishes as employers
Section 11: Information and advice for Curates
Section 12: Information and advice for House for Duty clergy
Section 13: Information and advice for all Self Supporting Clergy
Section 14: Professional code of conduct for Readers



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