What makes the news?

Published: November 1, 2013

When sitting down to write this blog I looked up the BBC website to check the top news story.  It was a shared headline on phone hacking and the introduction of the royal charter on press regulation.  Not bad I thought, a good chew over the debate on freedom versus regulation, who shall guard the guardians, the bondage of will, memento mori, maybe (as this is a Christian blog) a little diversion into soteriology and the credibility of our salvation through freewill or predestination.  How would I shoehorn my thoughts into 250 words?

Then I remembered Lucy’s advice to link the blog to a popular news story, so I looked in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to see what the most popular articles were.  I read…

  • World faces global wine shortage
  • Qatar removes Zidane headbutt statue
  • Dell laptops have cat urine smell.

What wisdom to offer?

Drink less.

Don’t make false idols.

Buy a MacBook – they may cost more and do less but they look pretty and smell nice.

The gap between what the editors thought we should know and what we wanted to know is a stark reminder of the gap between what we would like people to be and what they are.  The distance between the person we would like to be and the person we are.  Do we want that gap exposed? 

By Benjamin Preece Smith, Diocesan Secretary

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