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Published: September 12, 2014

JackieAfter all the dire news from around the world in recent weeks, at last some good news – a royal announcement, William and Kate are expecting a second child. The announcement has been made early because of what is misleadingly called ‘morning sickness’. I have every sympathy, having experienced ‘all day and all night sickness’ for over four months during my pregnancies – the Spanish have a saying that there’s none so thin as a woman three months pregnant, which fits the bill very well. I wish the Duchess of Cambridge a speedy recovery and an enjoyable pregnancy, and with all the media, I rejoice in having some good news to celebrate.

It is, though, a big deal to bring a child into a world such as this. I suppose this particular family may not have the worries that many young parents have about finance and support, but it is still an awesome responsibility. What sort of world will they grow up in? How will they find and take their place in this world? Will they be safe? When we think of the next generation, we become aware that decisions we make, and decisions made on our behalf by governments and councils, must be wise long term decisions, not just decisions that will ease our lives or lead to re-election. And thinking about babies born into this time, we are reminded that it is the responsibility of all of us to work and pray for peace and justice and for the stability of this world, for their sake as much as ours.

So to the royal couple and to all who share good news with friends and family – Congratulations! And thank you for giving cause for celebration and the reminder to work for a hopeful and peaceful future.

The Venerable Jackie Searle, Archdeacon of Gloucester

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