Surprised by Sculpture – Crucible2 has arrived!

Published: August 29, 2014

Margaret SheatherArt and faith have a long shared history – artists find inspiration in religious images; and painting, sculpture and music speak of the spiritual both directly to individuals and through their places of worship.  Crucible2 brings a wonderful new opportunity to see how these two long-time partners interact.

I feel as if I know Gloucester Cathedral quite well these days, but walking around it at the moment brings a series of surprises as I come across the one hundred sculptures that make up the exhibition.  You can’t miss some of them – David Mach’s “The Thief” just inside the main door, for example, or the Siberian tiger prowling across College Green.  Others, you are suddenly aware are looking out at you from a niche or archway, like David Bailey’s Adam.

The cathedral is a great work of art in itself, evolving over the centuries into the wonderful mix of wide perspectives and intimate spaces, ancient stone and contemporary glass that we see today.  In that context some of the sculptures seem to me to be very much at home, while others offer a thought-provoking contrast or even challenge; but I suspect all our visitors will have different views about which pieces fall into which category.

It’s exciting to think of the thousands of visitors we’re expecting to come to this exceptional exhibition experiencing different reactions and being led into new ideas by the skill and inspiration of so many artists.

Margaret Sheather, Chair of Gloucester Cathedral Council

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