Whether the weather be wet

Published: February 21, 2014

ElizabethReayWhen at school I learnt the following:

“Whether the weather be wet or fine, We will weather the weather whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not.”

And we certainly do in this country!

Last week I was in Derby for the Mothers’ Union Worldwide Council and luckily I decided to travel up a day early in order to prepare myself for this annual event.  Just as well I did, the through train I had booked  from Oxford did not run due to flooding and I was requested to alight any train travelling north and to change in Birmingham which I had not planned to do

When we are confronted with a challenge we all pull together to overcome the problem before us. Everyone was so helpful at the stations and everyone spoke to one another !!  We can communicate in person when an emergency arises and not find most people just looking at their modern devices or wired for sound, unaware of who is around them.  Anyone who has been affected by the floods has my sympathy as I needed to be rescued in the 2007 floods.

I am currently writing a report for members of the Mothers’ Union on my Derby trip and making further preparations for our awareness day being held in the Cathedral on Saturday 28 June. The event is called Families Come First – please do come to see the work we do throughout the world. Everyone is welcome – especially children.

by Elizabeth Reay, president of Diocese of Gloucester Mother’s Union

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