​Prayers for peace

Published: Tuesday December 8, 2015

Prayers for Peace

A prayer station has been set up in the Lady Chapel at Gloucester Cathedral for people to pray for peace across the world, light a candle and write a message or prayer.

The recent decision to extend air strikes to Syria has highlighted once more the difficult times in which we live and has been met with mixed feelings in our communities. Wherever we stand on these issues, part of our response as Christians is to invite people to join together in praying for peace.

The Revd Canon Andrew Braddock said: “Advent is a season when we pray for the coming of Christ’s light into the world’s darkness and peace in all places of conflict. We are particularly mindful of events in Paris, Mali and elsewhere, and of the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world. In the darkness of these days the prayer station is an invitation for people to pray for peace throughout the world.”

The Cathedral is open daily from 7.30am to 6pm and all in our communities are invited to visit the Cathedral, say a special prayer and join the services throughout the day. The following prayer may be helpful for personal prayers, for community vigils for peace, for prayer stations in church, or for prayers in church services. 


Lord, hear our prayers for Syria and for all places of conflict
For people leaving everything behind to flee to safety,
For those who have lost loved ones,
For lives interrupted, educations stalled and families separated.
Lord, bless your people.

We thank you for the work of partners,
For the hospitality of neighbours, the generosity of strangers,
For those who give of themselves to help others
For those who refuse to be silent in the face of injustice
Lord, bless your people.

Lord, give hope in places of darkness,
For peace and justice to prevail,
For there to be new beginnings for all people,
For freedom to replace fear and for there to be a better tomorrow
Lord, bless your people.


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