Bishop Martyn chooses favourite book for Lent

Published: February 9, 2015

Bishop Martyn has reflected on his favourite book for Lent – Paradoxology by Krish Kandiah:

Krish Kandiah is now the President of the London School of Theology. His book Paradoxology was published in 2014 and is an engaging look at some of the tough questions or paradoxes of the Bible.

He readily admits that Christians have often been far too quick to try to find easy answers to tough questions and skim over the really difficult parts of the Bible. So what do we make of stories of terrorist attacks in the Old Testament, apparently committed in the name of God?  And what do we make of a God of love who chooses some and by implication rejects many others?

Perhaps the most helpful chapters to study in Lent are those on The Jesus Paradox, The Judas Paradox and The Cross Paradox. The writing is engaging and the relevance to apologetics (and the questions many of our friends will be asking) is very clear. Just don’t come expecting ‘pat’ answers that can be memorized and repeated to others. Rather, this book will stretch you and demand that you discuss it with others.

You can watch a video about the book here.

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