Cathedral website taken offline

Published: June 3, 2015

The Cathedral website will be out of action for the immediate future due to a malicious attack. The site was hacked and has had to be taken offline as a precaution. 

Unfortunately, due to its age the Cathedral web-host has said that they are unable to put it back online as it would inevitably suffer from further attacks.

The Cathedral was in the process of developing a new website and was due to roll out the changes on 01 July. This is now likely to be brought forward. 

In the meantime the Cathedral will set up a temporary website which will ask visitors to contact the Cathedral reception by telephone or email. 

In a statement the Cathedral said: “Please accept our apologies about this situation. It is obviously very frustrating for us all but we are working hard to resolve the problem and will keep you updated with progress.”

For enquiries relating to the Cathedral, please contact the reception by phone on 01452 528095 or by ">email.  


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