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Published: Friday May 8, 2015

rachelI have been reflecting recently on choice so was interested to see that Cate wrote on this in last week’s post. This morning I faced a bewildering choice of where to put my cross on the ballot papers (5 candidates for general election, 2 for district council elections and 9 for parish council elections of which I could vote for up to 8!!). Last night I had a long talk with my teenage son, who is about to do his AS levels, about what he should do post A-level. He faces incredible choice – does he go to university and, if so, where and what to study, should he have a year out, should he choose an apprenticeship, or try and get a job? So many choices and we, in this country, generally have huge freedom to make choices, good choices and ones that benefit ourselves and those we love – be it in politics, education, health care or the more frivolous things such as where to shop, where to holiday, which brand to buy.

Next week is Christian Aid week and many of us will get a little red envelope through our door. Another choice. Do we ignore it and consign it to the recycling box with all the other leaflets and junk mail that we get? Do we choose to put a handful of loose change in or could we choose something better, something more, something generous to help those who have very little? Poverty robs people of so much, not least many of the choices we and our families not only face but often take for granted or, worse, grumble about. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to have to choose which family member eats, which of your children, if any, can go to school or have a life saving vaccination. Or to have no choice other than to simply give in to the situation you find yourself in, however frightening or dangerous.

So lets make a choice this Christian Aid week, to do good, to give generously of our time, money and prayers. To choose the best, not just for ourselves, but for our neighbour, whoever they are.

Rev Rachel Rosborough  Rector of Bourton on the Water with Clapton & the Rissingtons

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