Christianity for Star Wars fans

Published: Tuesday May 26, 2015

Star Wars logoA church in Gloucester is using Star Wars as part of a course to explain about Christianity.

Stuart Gray, assistant pastor at Kingfisher Church, is using the hit film series to explore themes such as faith, forgiveness, peace and fear.

He hopes the fortnightly evening sessions, which will take place in The Cavern Club, will show how Jesus can provide a new hope for those who attend.

Stuart said: “I want to look at the Bible from a fresh perspective and this will hopefully lead to some interesting conversations.

“In our culture in the UK, we prioritise entertainment and use movie quotes as a shorthand language for explaining feelings and ideas. I want to explore ways of communicating Christian principles through these movies.”

Initially the course will run for eight weeks although it may continue longer if it proves to be a success. It is aimed at both church-goers and non-Christians with Stuart insisting the only stipulation is a love of the films in question.

He added: “I am a big Star Wars fan and I’m unapologetic in that I love to talk about it.

“There are a lot of themes and issues raised in the films which are reflected in the Bible. In Star Wars, there is a group of individuals who come together despite their differences to achieve great things. It’s something which is reflected in the Bible and the Church.”

The Cavern, which opened earlier this year, is an alcohol-free bar and live music venue. It runs dedicated youth nights, board game nights and a 'back stage' area that hosts community events and support services.

The sessions start on Monday 15 June at 7pm in The Cavern Club, College Street, Gloucester.

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