Glasgow Rangers fan Katrina takes on senior role in Church

Published: January 23, 2015

The Revd Katrina ScottFootball fan Katrina Scott is set to take on the leadership of a group of churches in the North Cotswolds this Sunday.

At a special service in St Andrew’s Church, Naunton, she will be made Rector of The Guitings, Cutsdean, Farmcote, Upper and Lower Slaughter, Eyford and Naunton.

A week later, she will also be made Area Dean of the North Cotswolds at a service in St David’s Church, Moreton-in-Marsh. This job involves supporting the other clergy in her area.

She comes to the area from Coventry, where she was the Dean of Women’s Ministry, a job in which she promoted and encouraged the roles of women clergy in the Diocese.  She said: “I am passionate about helping the church to be a place where all feel welcome and valued.”

Katrina is enthusiastic about the start of her ministry in this area. She said: “I was struck on the day of my interview here, by how many good things are going on in the local area of the North Cotswolds – beautiful churches really serving their local communities and wanting to engage with their parishioners to share our faith more fully. I am so excited to be beginning my ministry here – joining in with so many good things already happening, getting to know new people and building friendships, and journeying together on God’s path.”

Katrina is married to Nick, who is also ordained and works full time as a Religious Education teacher. They have two children, Ruth, 6 and Freddie, 4. She loves reading, exploring new places, sport and her football team, Glasgow Rangers.

She said: “I was born in Scotland as a part of a wonderful family. I grew up with my two sisters and our parents, firstly in Ayrshire and then in Milton Keynes. My Dad was a vicar and so I knew from an early age how great it can be being a part of a church family. I was a teenager when I really began to explore what the faith really meant for me – as I was confirmed, I came to realise that I truly believed in a God who loves us all, and who wants us to live differently because of that love.”

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