Growing congregation leaves Tewkesbury church in need of bigger building

Published: February 24, 2015

Rev Stephen WalkerA church in Tewkesbury has found itself in an enviable position – it is so popular that it is running out of space to fit everybody in.

Leaders at Holy Trinity Church are considering ways to expand the premises to help accommodate its growing congregation.

Figures collected by the church last year showed that it had 241 regular attenders on Sundays in 2014, including 63 young people aged 16 or under. The figure has leapt up from 163 people on the electoral role in 2007.

The Revd Stephen Walker, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, said: “There is definitely an interest in spirituality among people. In terms of reaching out to the community, it is a question of building bridges and taking every opportunity we are given to do that.

“We don’t have a big building and, with all the different groups going on each Sunday morning, there is not enough space to accommodate everyone. Our youth group has to meet on a different site as there are no more rooms available.

“It is always an ongoing issue. The PCC is working with the Diocese in trying to find ways we can expand our premises and create more space.

“We have got a great staff team of administrator, children’s worker and youth worker along with the support of many volunteers in our community, who make it all possible.”

Stephen added that, in terms of culture, the frequency with which people attend the traditional Sunday morning service is changing.

He said: “There is a changing pattern in society in how people attend church. More people are using weekends to visit friends and family, which has an impact on attendance.

“Some people, particularly those married to non-Christians, find it easier to regularly attend mid-week Bible study groups rather than Sunday mornings.”

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