Bishop Rachel to be filmed for faith exhibition

Published: June 3, 2016

Russell HainesBishop Rachel is among a group of representatives of faith communities in Gloucester to be interviewed for an exhibition on faith.

Artist Russell Haines is creating an exhibition of portraits and interviews with people of different faiths at Gloucester Cathedral, which will run in October.

The people being interviewed include members of the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, atheist, Buddhist, Sikh and Bah’ai communities. They will be quizzed about their beliefs and the things their faiths have in common by BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Manny Masih and a live audience. The interviews will be filmed by the Film Department of the University of Gloucestershire.

Russell said: “My aim for the exhibition is two-fold; to show and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity that Gloucester has and the generally tolerant way that the city lives with its diversity; and to try to understand and explore the common ground that we all have.

“Too much emphasis is put on the differences in our society and I firmly believe that if we find the commonalities between us it gives us a platform for much more tolerance of the differences that we all have”.

“The way I am trying to do this is to tell the participants’ stories and beliefs through the portraits that I am painting and to give them a voice for people to understand them better”.

This set of interviews will take place in the Lady Chapel in Gloucester Cathedral on Monday 6 June at 7pm.

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