Bishop Rachel visits Al-Ashraf School

Published: April 20, 2016

Bishop Rachel tours the schoolThe Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, spent some time at the Al-Ashraf Secondary School for Girls this week.

Headteacher Mufti Abdullah Patel showed Bishop Rachel around the school and introduced her to the 75 students who currently study there.

Mr Patel was one of the founding members of the school, in 1994 when the school was set up by people wanting to encourage young Muslim girls’ aspirations. Many girls from the school now go on to take up A-levels at local grammar schools and the academic results are above the national average.

Bishop Rachel talked to the girls about her role including her position in the House of Lords, where she acts as an advocate for people of all faiths.

The girls asked her a number of questions, including whether she had ever met the Queen and how she became a bishop.

Bishop Rachel with Mufti PatelBishop Rachel said: “I would like to encourage you to become the person who you were created to be, to know how loved you are by God and how special you are.”

Mr Patel said: “I want to highlight to you how humble Bishop Rachel is, despite her role. This is something that we encourage in Islam.”

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