Published: November 15, 2016

When it comes to matters around systems of belief, Prof Kwame Appiah, cultural theorist, in his Reith lectures argues that changing practices change belief overtime.  His additional talks on Country and Colour are stimulating; a topic on culture is to follow shortly.

I did struggle with bits (or the whole) of his philosophical arguments on the Creed.  To say that ‘religions or creeds are changing in order for it to survive’ is a misnomer; rather interpreting sacred texts in accessible language survives it.

Every time one confesses ‘I believe in God the Father the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and in Jesus Christ…..’ is a certainty and conviction that will never change for me and for many Christians.  Interpretation of religious practices may change over time, like views on women in the Church, race and current debates on human sexuality, has nothing to do with Creed.   I believe in the Creator of Heaven and Earth whose love abounds over and beyond our choices, practices and reinterpretation of sacred texts.

With some modesty, my faith also allows me to respect other people’s varying views, presentations and understandings of God.   Multicultural and multi faiths practices were also another matter that could shift or muddy the water; again difference and diversity reinforces the unchanging and unchangeable nature of Holy Scriptures.

If one knows what and how home feels like, why worry? I believe in God the Father the Almighty, who is able to absolve perceived systems of truths and changing orthopraxis.

By the Revd Frances Quist, Priest in Charge, Matson.

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