Eat your way to a fairer world

Published: Friday February 19, 2016

Chocolate company Lick the Spoon has launched a new 'Raisetrade' Easter egg in Gloucester Cathedral’s shop today. It includes a hot cross bun flavoured egg (milk or dark) and six praline chocolates.

‘The Bish’ praline chocolates included in the package were originally created for the Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, after the company discovered that she was a chocolate aficionado. 

All the chocolate used by Lick the Spoon uses Raisetrade cocoa, grown and processed into chocolate in Madagascar. Raisetrade is a similar concept to Fairtrade, but as well as providing a fair price to farmers, it works to create sustainable development in developing nations by exporting finished products and services.

Bishop Rachel said, “Eggs are about new life and so this Easter egg points to the hope of Jesus’ resurrection, stronger than pain and death. Raisetrade support sustainable development which means that this delicious egg allows us to participate in creating a world which tastes better for others.”

Eggs are available priced at £25 from the Cathedral gift shop. Orders can be taken. See  for more details.

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