Freezing weather as Homeless Sunday approaches

Published: Wednesday January 20, 2016

Three days of sub-zero temperatures forecast in Gloucester kick-started the City Council’s severe weather emergency protocol last Thursday.

St Mungo’s homelessness charity is currently working with seven people who are rough sleeping in Gloucester.

This Sunday 24 January is national Homeless Sunday, a special time when churches can take action on homelessness.

Six days a week through the winter months, volunteers from Gloucester churches visit people who are homeless to spend some time with them and give them a hot mug of soup.

Dave KinghornSoup run organiser Dave Kinghorn of Gloucester City Mission said: “I find it really sad that in this day and age, there are still people sleeping in garage, car parks, squats and out on the street. There doesn’t seem to be any real sign of things improving.

“I have to give credit to the council for their provision during the severe weather – they have done what they can. However, we need to be thinking about the longer term. People are not sleeping out there because they want to be – they don’t want to risk losing the place on the street they have come to know as home, for the sake of a couple of nights in the warm.”

Volunteers to help with the soup run are very welcome and donations of instant soup packets and noodles, and sleeping bags would also be gratefully accepted.  If you have a donation or would like to get involved, contact Dave Kinghorn at

St Mungos and local church groups are working to locate and help people who are rough sleeping in the area.  If you see someone sleeping rough, you can report it on Street Link Referrals, 0300 5000914


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