Let us weep with those who weep.

Published: June 14, 2016

A message from Bishop Rachel

A pectoral cross I wear is made from spent cartridges from the civil war in Mozambique. It was a gift from the Bishop of Lebombo, made by the project ‘Swords into Ploughshares,’ and is a constant reminder to me that as followers of Christ we are called to be peace-makers and active participants in God’s work of transformation.

So much of the violence across our world arises from hearts fuelled by fear and hatred which seeks to annihilate that which is ‘other’. The horrendous violence against LGBTI people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando has shocked and shaken us. An offensive atrocity against precious individuals created in the image of God and loved by God.

Let us weep with those who weep and pray for the bereaved and injured.

Let us also not close our eyes and ears in denial of the atrocities against ‘otherness’ which are taking place every day. Many were killed by suicide bombs in Damascus last Saturday and today there are children and adults living in fear across our world, including Christians in the Middle East. Some inhabit our headlines and yet sadly we are no longer shocked. Others cry out unheard and die unknown to us in places of which we’ve never even heard, and for whom there will be no vigils or candles lit.

Creation is groaning and Christ’s crucifixion is in the midst of us. God’s heart of love is broken.

As we pray for lives shattered by shooting in Orlando, may we pray too for all those crushed and broken each day by fellow human beings who despise those different from themselves. Yet let that not be the final word, for Christ’s resurrection is in the midst of us. God’s love is stronger than death.

So let us proclaim with our lips and in our lives that the hope of Christ is stronger than despair and that the darkness will never quench the light of Christ.


The Collect for Today:

God our saviour,

look on this wounded world

in pity and in power;

hold us fast to your promises of peace

won for us by your Son,

our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

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