Prayer for the Day, Friday 01 April

Published: March 21, 2016

Throughout Easter week the Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, is delivering her Prayer for the Day on BBC Radio 4. In her final prayer Bishop Rachel reflects on the potential that is to be found in all of us through our encounters with God. 

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Friday 01 April 2016

For me, this week after Easter is a holiday and one of the things I love to do is to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. 

Sometimes my husband and I go out for breakfast or sometimes we sit in our kitchen and enjoy the smell of coffee…and occasionally burning toast. Either way, breakfast is a time of encounter: perhaps through conversation or the papers; and always a time to thank God and ask that we would be open to the opportunities of the day ahead. 

Just after that first Easter day, Jesus’ friends encountered him over breakfast on a beach. They were fishermen and they were out on the lake doing what was familiar to them – it was the stuff of their daily lives.

And then their leader appears, risen from the dead and he’s preparing breakfast! And one of the friends, Peter, is amazed and overjoyed. He has so much he wants to say to Jesus; so much he regrets about the way he had denied even knowing him.

And it’s after this breakfast that Jesus speaks to Peter and makes it clear that he sees all his gifts and his brokenness. Jesus loves Peter, has confidence in him and says that on him, he will build his church.

This early morning breakfast is one of encounter and it’s one in which the opportunities of the future are recognised. 

Every breakfast should be like that.

God of hope, may we see our potential in our encounters with you and those around us. Surprise us as we open ourselves to the opportunities of this new day. Amen.

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