The Great British Bake Off – our mission field?

Published: Thursday October 27, 2016

Rachel Howie - square.jpgWatching contestants checking for soggy bottoms and sitting on the floor peering anxiously into ovens is not everyone’s idea of gripping television entertainment – but in our house it is. Absolutely, totally, utterly! Each Wednesday for an hour we rejoice together at successful signature bakes, anxiously await the outcome of technical challenges and celebrate spectacular show stoppers. It brings us together as a family from behind our respective screens and into a shared experience where we have a common vocabulary – not always the case in a household with two teenagers. We talk together about the bakes we’d each like to try and have high hopes for having a go at some of them in the coming week. It leads us into conversations about all sorts of things that at any other time would usually elicit disinterest at best. Food definitely brings us together.

Meals are a powerful expression of welcome and friendship in every culture. Meals are more than food – they’re social occasions that represent friendship, community, welcome. As well as preaching, teaching and healing, Jesus did a lot of eating. It’s not an accident that at the heart of what it means to be the church, the way Jesus told us to remember Him, is a meal.

A friend of mine talks about wearing her ‘God goggles’ wherever she is to spot opportunities to meet people where they are and engage with them, build relationships and share her faith.  She’s bold and gregarious in her evangelism. For those of us a little more reserved the kitchen table or picnic blanket may be a great place to start.

By Rachel Howie, Director of Education & CEO of DGAT

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