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Published: March 18, 2016

Arthur Champion July 2010It’s Cheltenham Race Week and many will appreciate the arrival of milder weather.

Throughout the changing seasons, planet Earth continues to go hurtling around the Sun at a speed of 66,000 miles an hour.  It’s easy to forget that we live on a tiny, colourful globe moving rapidly though the vast emptiness of space but the latest news reports coming out of NASA should give us pause for thought.

It turns out that January 2016 was the most abnormally hot month in history whilst on Wednesday 2 March the northern hemisphere even slipped above the milestone “two degrees Celsius average” for the first time in recorded history.  Many scientists believe that if temperatures go any higher than “two degrees Celsius average” the global temperature rise will become “dangerous”.  At this point various nightmare scenarios spring to mind like in disaster films such as “The Day After Tomorrow”.

I say “many scientists” because a significant minority dispute NASA’s research methods, interpretation of data and conclusions.  These arguments go beyond the understanding of most people and can produce feelings of hopelessness: “It’s all too big and complicated and anyway what can I do about it?” On the other hand, this planet is all we’ve got to call home and even if the scientists have got their numbers wrong we still need to do better at looking after it.

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The Revd Arthur Champion, Diocesan Environmental Advisor

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