Children and teachers celebrate outstanding ofsted report

Published: Thursday April 6, 2017

Winchcombe Abbey C of E celebrates ‘Outstanding in all areas’ report

Winchcombe Abbey Church of England Primary has received a glowing report from its latest Ofsted inspection, which has classified it as ‘Outstanding in all areas’.

The report praised the kind and caring pupils, the exceptional leadership of the executive head teacher, Helen Springett and the highly effective senior team as well as the well informed governors.

It said: “The most able pupils are relentlessly challenged to ensure that they are working at greater depth in their learning. Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to their work and are eager learners.  Pupils [who have special educational needs and/or disabilities] receive carefully tailored support that enables them to progress at a faster rate than their peers.

“Mediocrity is not an option at this school and the leadership team takes quick, effective action to remedy teaching that is less than the highest quality. Encouraged by leaders to be aspirational, teachers are never afraid to try new initiatives and adapt their teaching styles to meet the needs of their pupils.

The highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers provide pupils with the very best learning experiences. They create vibrant and exciting classrooms which fully engage the pupils in their learning. The governors are very well informed and provide extensive support and challenge.”

Executive Head Helen Springett said: “We are delighted that following our recent Ofsted inspection we were judged to be outstanding in all aspects. I am hugely thankful for our amazing children, our dedicated and professional staff and the fabulous challenge and support our Governing Body and Multi Academy Trust staff have given us all.

“As a school with incredibly high expectations of everyone in our community we will not stand still and we will continue to drive forward to provide the best possible outcomes for all of our children.

“Above all else what we are most pleased about is that the inspectors saw that at the heart of everything we do as a school, is the determination to ensure that every pupil in our care achieves their full potential, regardless of their starting point and this will remain our vision.”

The Chair of Governors, Dr Douglas Cowper said: “We are all delighted by the news, which is recognition of all the hard work and dedication by the executive head teacher, the senior leadership team, all the staff and school community who have risen to the challenge of driving up standards and make it a school that delivers excellent education for all in our community. We have been on a tremendous journey, which has been a privilege to be part of that has resulted in a school that we are all proud of. My thanks and appreciation goes to all the staff for this achievement and it is a credit to their professionalism.”

Rachel Howie, Director of Education for the Diocese of Gloucester said: “I am delighted that the hard work of the staff, governors and pupils has been recognised in this excellent report. It is well deserved and reflects the extremely high standards set by the school leaders. I am bursting with pride about the achievements of this academy.”


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