A radical re-telling of the news

Published: Tuesday May 2, 2017

Gospel Street logoPeople are out on the street. Is this all there is? Who are you?  What’s next?

Another generation is searching for answers. Despite their differences and divisions, 140 characters want to meet an extraordinary person. He’s come to our street looking for trouble, looking to do something about it.

Life – given, lived, fought for, ultimately lost and reclaimed by Jesus – life is the focus of this powerful mix of theatre, comedy, music and spoken word.

Two men and two women, modern incarnations of the four biblical evangelists, tell the story.  Each has a distinctive voice and differing memories, but they are united by the same passionate conviction – it is up to them to spread the news about one ‘life’ that has turned their own lives upside down.

Gospel Street is a sharp, current version of the original story, where the characters who encounter him react to the astonishing, liberating disturbance created by Jesus.

The show is a collaboration between award-winning writers, including rapper and hip-hop artist Testament.  Riding Lights is doing what it has always done best: bringing everyone together to hear the good news with wisdom, laughter, energy and insight.

Performances Available: 30th September – 9th December 2017
Details of pricing and the practicalities of hosting a performance available on request

Book Gospel Street for your church:
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