Alpha – Got Questions About LIFE? Try Alpha

Published: August 3, 2017

Got Questions About LIFE? Try Alpha

The Alpha Course is focused on the different talking points of faith. Explore questions about LIFE and spirituality with engaging and inspiring conversations. Join Churches such as:

– Holy Trinity, Cheltenham, or Holy Apostles, Cheltenham, or St Pauls, Cheltenham, CNC, Cheltenham

– Lydney Church, Wotton

– St Andrews and St Bartholomews, Churchdown, Severn Vale

After Dinner at 7.30, Holy Trinity are exploring ideas such as “What can we really believe?” “Does Prayer Work?” “Is there a God?” with shorts talks and discussions continued in the pub!

You can find more information on their Church Websites and sign up for the Alpha Course. Or find

Engage and Inspire with the Alpha Talk

a local Alpha Course in your area by asking your Local Priest or using the Alpha website.  Find out the time and dates of the courses and tag along, meet new people, try something new!

Ask Questions, Hear other’s viewpoints, Share your viewpoints!

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