Coffee Morning – Who with and how to

Published: Friday March 31, 2017

It can feel easier to invite people to a coffee morning if it has a specific focus. This may be a local initiative or a charity or supporting a local family or individual.  You can use this occasion to invite guests to another meetup as a time of sharing and chatter instead of fund raising.

Here are suggestions and links to their website.  Some will send you a helpful pack.

Brake is a road safety charity working with communities and organisations across the UK to stop the tragedy of road deaths and injuries, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and support people bereaved and seriously injured on roads.

Macmillan anticipate that by 2030, 4 million people will be living with cancer, and they want to be there for them all. Apply for a free kit full of everything you need to host an amazing coffee morning.

Guide to putting on a Coffee Morning

Venue – Somewhere warm and relatively comfortable.  It can be the church or village hall if you are going for large numbers or your home is perfect for a smaller gathering. Choose a time when no other community groups are doing something similar.

Inform – Contact your charity of choice at this planning stage.  They may have a pack you can use, or simply provide you with leaflets.  People like to know a little about where their money is going to be helpful.

Invite everyone – Tell friends and family, your and their neighbours. Put details in the parish magazine, and remember to say if you would like some help.

Fundraise – Be upfront about fundraising this helps with expectations and being prepared. Make sure you have a donation box or basket prominent and suggest an amount for attending.

Involve others – Ask for help with hosting, baking, pouring coffee, answering the door and welcoming; it’s much easier and more fun with a team.

The look – If you can use cake stands, napkins, enough plates, tongs, flowers, bunting, charity display table.  If you want to pick a theme, go for it and enjoy the preparation.

Get baking – Don’t go it alone, arrange with a friend or two the baking of biscuits, cupcakes, tray bakes to accompany the tea/coffee. At the end you can always auction off remaining cakes, so have paper plates and cling film at the ready.

Get ahead – On the day, have everything ready well before the start, this way you will feel calm and be able to greet your guests.

Meet again – Arrange a venue and date with friends for on another coffee morning, hopefully someone else will host. Put out a few pieces of paper with a note of where and when for your guests to take away.

Say thank you – Last, but not least, thank everyone; your guests for coming, bakers, helpers, washer uppers, door openers…

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