Elkstone writes on the making of their environmental video

Published: September 28, 2017

Chloe Darling from the Parish of Elkstone writes about the surprisingly non-terrifying experience of being filmed by the Diocese, and some of the things that have happened subsequently.

The morning of 20th July dawned grey and very damp but at 9.35am the sunshine came out to welcome Sam Cavender, film-maker for Gloucester Diocese.

We had expected Sam to use a pre-defined storyboard or script but instead he just asked us to speak from the heart. He got us started by gently asking a few questions about recent environmental projects in our churchyard.

We began by turning the clock back 12 months to when a dozen little children came to help Geoff Gait-Carr build three “bug hotels”. These children showed enormous enthusiasm when stuffing moss, dry grass and then woodlice to inhabit the new dwellings! Next, we mentioned that a short time later a huge bale of hay had arrived from Clattinger Farm, a nature reserve belonging to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and one of the precious Coronation Meadows. This bale of hay was spread around by an energetic group of village folk and then raked and trodden down to sow the wildflower seeds into a pre-defined area.

Finally, we described the recent felling of a huge conifer tree that was leaning towards the church tower and how this was replaced by planting several silver birch trees in a corner of the churchyard.

Attention then turned to the eco-loo which is housed in a wonderful oak-framed building. Sam asked about how our newly constructed eco-loo came about. The answers were given by the Revd Arthur Champion, who serves not only as our local resident clergyman but also as Environmental Advisor for Gloucester Diocese. He spoke briefly about the Biblical teaching on caring for creation; the low value that Capitalism currently places on protecting the natural world and the practical options that Elkstone PCC had considered before choosing a composting toilet – the Finnish “Biolan”.

During our conversations Sam spotted some pretty flowers to film and even a blue butterfly hanging on an orchid seed head. Within a week Sam had skilfully edited his film into a five-minute documentary which has so far been viewed by over 650 people and has generated many enquiries and visitors from other churches keen to provide eco-loos. Our video has certainly put Elkstone on the map! It can be easily found on the home page of Gloucester Diocese website or click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhHOKHCIc-g  (it is also embedded below)

The picture above shows [left to right] Carole Bury (PCC Secretary), Sam Cavender (Senior Communications Officer) and Chloe Darling (Church Warden and eco-loo project leader).

Chloe Darling

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