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Published: Wednesday February 8, 2017

Experience Easter resources, teachingExperience Easter was an instant hit in 2017, and is now available nationally along with other resources:
Please visit the Jumping Fish resources shop for more
Jumping Fish also offer Experience Pentecost, Experience Christmas and many other resources.

Experience Easter is an initiative bringing together local churches, schools and communities to share the story of Holy Week and Easter.

Posters and invitations are designed to raise awareness of Easter in our communities and to invite others to share in our services and events over this period.

Please visit the Jumping Fish resources shop for more

Logo available as a download and you are free to use it in your own literature

Experience Easter blue cross poster

A wide range of other excellent resources are also available, aimed at engaging children, adults, families, teenagers, older people and those in residential homes with the Easter story.

Please visit the Jumping Fish resources shop for more


7 thoughts on “Experience Easter resources

  1. All the pdf print everything with itallics as rubbish – is there anyway round this?

    1. The italics font prints ok in my cheap Canon MG5750 printer. The font appears to be Gill Sans Light Italics. Are you using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader? If not then I recommend you update your Acrobat Reader. This might fix your problem.

  2. Hi Can you tell me how much the Experience Easter with Families is and how do I order this? I have seen the order form but this item isn’t listed and the cost doesn’t seem to be shown above.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. I am a little confused. I am really excited by the additional ideas for the bases in the Experience Easter with adults, encouraged to make my own, but then I get to the bottom of the page and I need to request to print the resources. In this time of Covid 19 I am planning to create the bases in my home, video and ask the questions, produce activities that allow responses, with things in the home, for both adults and children. Is this okay?

  4. IS there a video clip highlighting the Easter Experience with children ? I am running an event with around 200 childrens workers interdenominationally looking at ways of being creative with Easter, and this is something I would like to promote, and would like a 2-3 minute clip to demonstrate it ?

    Can you help?

  5. We are planning some Lent prayer stations outside in the churchyard round the church. I am wondering whether the Experience Easter Outside is Covid safe?
    There are no details I can find on your website telling me what is in the pack and how to use it. I don’t want to commit money until I know a bit more. Please enlighten me.

  6. I would like to video Experience Easter to send out to our local primary schools if they return before Easter. I was thinking of suggesting schools use post-its to make a cross collage instead of stones for Hopes and dreams and a prayer tree for Alone. Would this be okay.

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