Can true happiness be found in the pub?

Published: Friday May 5, 2017

Chris Maclay in the Rising SunA Forest of Dean vicar is inviting local people to the pub to see if they can find the true secrets of becoming happier.

Bream Vicar and Forest Area Dean, the Revd Chris Maclay is taking part in the Happiness Lab, a six week experiment where people can explore psychologists’, doctors’ and faith leaders’ recommendations for happiness.

Chris said: “When I Googled ‘Happiness’ I came up with 594,000,000 results. There are also a huge number of books trying to tell us how to become happy.  Yet many of us would still say that we are not really very happy and most of us are unsure what we can do to make ourselves any happier.

“The Dalai Lama has his theories, and David Cameron set up a group to keep an eye on happiness levels in the UK, but what can we do to be happier?

“Psychologists and other experts have identified a number of key habits that can make an impact on our happiness. They include things like learning to be thankful, developing a habit of forgiveness, maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family and acknowledging our spiritual side.”

A number of groups across the Forest are embarking on ‘Happiness Labs’ in May and June: a chance to chat together about the things that make us happy and to consider what some of the experts have to say.

Chris’s group will be meeting in the Rising Sun pub in Bream on Monday evenings at 7pm from 8 May.  There is also a six week course in Blakeney starting on Monday 22 May, one starting 22 May in Awre and several more due to start in the coming months. To sign up, and for more information and other courses happening in the area, visit

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