LIDO, Pool Baptism

Published: August 30, 2017

“Bursting back out into newness of life”

CNC in Cheltenham are hosting a Baptism at their local pool, a place familiar to, and well used by, the local community. The community gather round all sides of the pool singing God’s praises and then sharing testimony of what baptism means and how God has been at work, it is a real celebration!

LIDO is an outdoor pool which strongly evokes images of Jesus’ baptism. Lido gives visitors to the baptism, and those in the park for a regular swim, a taste of church without having to move out of a space that is comfortable and familiar to them. The lifeguards have been fascinated with what we are doing, and so it is making the Christian faith more public and accessible with a new and engaging style of worship. The CNC congregation loves the baptisms. As well as being a really fun time, both of worshiping together but then following on with a picnic and time to swim, it also shakes us out of our safe space and brings us into an open space surrounded by God’s creation.

  • 3rd September
  • 10am – 12pm
  • Free Swim
  • Bring a Picnic
  • Bring Something to sit on
  • Talk to Ashley to be Baptised
  • Let person on gate know you are with CNC – They will let you in to the pool area

Sandford Parks Lido, Keynsham Road, Cheltenham GL53 7PU

  • Parking available in pay and display car park next to LIDO

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2 thoughts on “LIDO, Pool Baptism

    1. Dear Owen, I believe the basic fee for a baptism certificate is £14, but the best way is to get in touch with your local priest and have a chat. They will be able to explain how the process works in your particular church and help you to plan your special day. You can find details of local churches at

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