Mindfulness and Anarchy

Published: Friday March 10, 2017

Tudor GriffithsWho said that they could not possibly think about Mindfulness because their mind was full enough anyway?

Life is fast moving, and we need (we are told) the right and measurable outcomes, markers, communications, systems, processes. At what point does the mind begin to spin?

So last Monday evening I and a few others opted out for an hour. It wasn’t a lot but it was a blow for godly anarchy against the imposed order of 21st century life. We sat in the Prayer Chapel in Cheltenham Minster, said a collect or two, read a short passage from Mark’s Gospel (14: 27-31, since you ask), and sat in silence for about 40 minutes. There were no measurable outcomes, other than the faint hint of a snore from one good soul. But we all took a phrase or a word and held it as an anchor. I encouraged us all to ‘park’ distractions and return to our word and phrase to hold us in a place where Jesus simply welcomes us and enjoys our company.

Maybe quiet meditation can be godly anarchy, striking a blow against the machine. We can all give it a go (at home or in Cheltenham Minster each Monday evening in Lent from 7.00 pm to 8.00) if only there weren’t so much to do.


By The Revd Dr Canon Tudor Griffiths, Area Dean of Cheltenham

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