Spiritual Gardens

Published: Friday January 6, 2017

The development of spiritual gardens in church schools

Girl examining large conch shellYellow and blue flags marking garden boundaryStone spiral water feature

There has been a recent move for many schools to consider redesigning their outdoor space to facilitate a variety of functions. In many church schools this has included areas to encourage pupils to reflect, find quiet and calm and to allow for prayer, reflection and peer mediation. These ‘spiritual gardens’ are often also big enough to be used for collective worship in class groups.

The gardens that are created are usually set apart from the rest of the school grounds and have their own ambience and atmosphere that creates a special and sacred place, providing additional SMSC opportunities and adding a spiritual dimension to outdoor learning.

Following the publication of the Jumping Fish book, ‘Creating a Multi Sensory ….’ schools all around the Diocese of Gloucester have risen to the challenge of creating a spiritual garden in their own unique way. The following webpages have been put together to celebrate this work and to inspire other schools to consider creating their own sacred place, providing practical advice and visual inspiration.

Mirror and seatingClass looking at water featureBamboo sticks decorated by children and their familiesBoy hanging up fruit in temparary sukkot shelter


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