Aspiring scientists found at Messy Church!

Published: Thursday April 27, 2017

Do you marvel about the beauty and delicacy of the cake or dissect and investigate it, why not do both?!

This was the message to the 100 explorers and scientists who found their way to Messy Church does science at Charlton Kings Baptist Church.

The atmosphere was electric as people of all ages participated in science based activities from discovering water pressure to examining fingerprints.

Just like the water compasses we made always pointed North the activities we shared could always point us to our amazing creating God

The new publication of 100 science activities for Messy Churches is published in June.

If you missed the event we will be trying some ideas out at the Children and Families Forum in Bishops Cleeve on Saturday 16 of September 10- 12 contact Jo Wetherall for more details.







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