‘To Do’ List

Published: Friday February 10, 2017

Another day is over and the ‘To Do List’ is woefully incomplete. This is my reality and I imagine it would be the same for many. Why is it that the tasks left untouched appear to be ones of real significance and yet always seem to get over looked?

In the few quiet moments at the red traffic light or the nine minutes of peace ‘the average length of a Peppa Pig episode’ these items of significance flood in and occupy my mind. I wish to engage with them more fully, but somehow fail spectacularly in doing so, here are just a few of today’s concerns:


  • I wish I had done more than just wave at my neighbour who lives alone and never appears to have any visitors
  • I wonder how Dad is coping this week as he signs the papers for the sale of his parents’ home of 68 years.
  • Why is my friend who is struggling with depression and whose partner has just left her not replying to my texts, what should I do next?
  • The umpteen friends who are at same stage of life, having their second child (I am currently seven months pregnant) how am I going to be there for them and show my support?
  • Did Trump really say to the president of Mexico “you’ve got some bad hombres in your country”?
  • When am I going to sit down and write to Sophie (18year old goddaughter) currently on her gap year in Nepal?
  • Do I take Anna (my three year old) back to the doctors because her cough persists, whilst aware that the NHS is at breaking point…

I consider myself a global citizen, local citizen, mother, sister, daughter, wife, parishioner, friend, neighbour and manager and I feel an obligation to play an active part in all of these roles and yet I struggle to find the space in the busyness of day-to-day life; to give them each air-time.

How do we contribute to the different communities we are part of without allowing one area to drown out the others and disrupt the balance?

Answers on a postcard please.

Actually please don’t because I will then feel the need to add you to my ‘To do list’ to send a card or an email to thank you and I just don’t know when I will get round to doing it…


By Helen Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of the Parish Giving Scheme

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