‘Whodunnit’ mysteries helped put Cam’s new vicar on path to ordination

Published: August 11, 2017

Fiona CrockerKeen reader and former teaching assistant Fiona Crocker will become the new vicar of Cam with Stinchcombe this autumn.

Fiona has always enjoyed reading, preferring detective novels that gave her the chance to ask questions. As Fiona got increasingly involved in leadership at her local church, she found herself turning to theology as a way of getting closer to God.

Fiona said: “Gradually I realised that my love for reading theology had surpassed my love for romantic novels or ‘whodunnits’… and now look at where it has taken me!

“I enjoy reflecting and asking questions and found myself puzzling over many questions around life, its meaning and its journey.”

Before ordination, Fiona worked as a Teaching Assistant in Derby and was involved in Open the Book, acting out Bible stories in school assemblies. She also set up the charity Inspire Workshops, exploring Christianity in primary schools.

She said: “Encountering the Living God, I believe, can be transformational to our lives. I enjoy being with people of all ages and will be keen to meet with the community outside the church walls, looking forward to finding ways that we can celebrate together.”

Fiona is married to Derek and has two adult children, Rebecca and Bethan. As well as reading, she enjoys walking, crochet and a good conversation over a meal.

She will be licensed on Sunday 8 October at 3pm in St George’s, Cam.

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