Dementia friendly training for churches delivered locally by NHS 2gether trust

Published: June 28, 2018

Rachel Peak is a Dementia Education trainer, working for the NHS 2gether trust. She is offering training on being dementia friendly to individual parishes or benefices.

Nikki Arthy (Gloucester City and Hempstead) has taken her up on this offer and found her to be an excellent trainer with practical suggestions about what might be helpful in a church community, several of which are now the new normal in her parish.

If any of you would like to be in touch with her, do drop her a line: Tel: Mob: 07909000271 Office: 01242 634446

If you would like to talk about this offer further before contacting Rachel, do get in touch with me, Cate Williams, on   or 01452 835543 x238

Cate Williams, June 2018

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