Gloucester Street Pastors need help

Published: Friday September 21, 2018

Street Pastors help a young womanAlastair Sammon, Chairman of Gloucester Street Pastors is calling for volunteers to help keep the service going.

“Gloucester Street Pastors started over eight years ago with 30 volunteers and we have been able to offer friendship and practical help to those in trouble, and we often share our faith with young people out at pubs and nightclubs on Friday and Saturday nights in town. We have enjoyed it enormously, and are deeply appreciated by the young people out clubbing, as well as police and others involved in the Gloucester night time economy.

“Our work is a serving ministry to demonstrate the love of Jesus to ordinary people, and our volunteers come from many different denominations and churches. It is part of a national movement organised by the Ascension Trust.

“Those of us who started the work are now nearly a decade older, and recently a good few volunteers have become unable to cope with the physical demands; some have moved from Gloucester.

We are down to half the numbers we started with, and foresee the need to contract what we can offer, and possibly close down the Gloucester operation within the next year or so.

“It seems sad to us that a service which so publicly shows the Church’s care for young people, and is so universally appreciated should stop, but we need more volunteers now to keep it on the road.”

Could your church help by providing volunteers?

Contacts: Alastair Sammon
Robert Kingston
Mike Tookey
Sue Dalton
The team would be glad to come to speak at a meeting or service
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One thought on “Gloucester Street Pastors need help

  1. Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ.
    I am a pastor. My church is very small. They cannot support me for a month. I am an asthmatic and a diabetic patient. I am old and weak. I have to pay for medicines and food materials. There were times when I lost my hope towards the survival of my life on this earth. Perhaps God wants me to live for some more years to do His Work. I am reaching my 60s. Please remember me in your daily prayers that God may still use me for His work. If Ii have to leave for my heavenly home I will be the happiest one on the earth. If I have to live for some more years I wish to be a vessel that the Master uses.
    Sincerely in the Master’s service,
    Pastor.O.Ratna Kumar.

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