Seeking Shapes for Living

Published: November 5, 2018

Lent Course 2019

Shapes for Living‘Shapes for living’ is a fresh way of exploring what is sometimes called a Rule of Life. But we think the language of ‘shapes’ is warmly inviting and easier to relate to.

Christian believing is for the whole of life not just the religious or spiritual parts. A great deal of living in today’s world is experienced as stressful and overwhelming. And quite a lot of
Christian and church living can easily feel the same at times. It is very difficult to flourish in our faith and praying if our life itself is not in good shape. If our living is frantic and reactive
our praying will tend to be the same.

‘Shapes for living’ is a course offering resources and support for individuals, groups and communities as they seek a whole life faith that nurtures and sustains and celebrates the fullness of life in Christ.


Download the taster booklet for the 2019 Lent programme

Shapes for Living, course intro

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