Guerrilla Gardening and Wildlife Conservation

Published: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Congratulations to St Mary’s parish church at Witcombe with Bentham who have secured a £250 grant to develop their wildlife garden. Plans to create a photographic survey of lichens, sensitive development of their graveyards to preserve native species of wild flowers, fungi and butterflies and developing a small herb garden are all underway. They hope to engage the local community, particularly the young and elderly to encourage commitment to both the environment and the church alongside running a series of talks to further discuss the local environment and conservation.

St Mary de Lode have also been successful in their bid for a wildlife grant. The Revd Anna Griffiths together with local residents, plan to partake in some Guerrilla Gardening techniques to improve the green space and empty flowerbeds in the Westgate area. The hope is this will encourage wildlife to flourish whilst giving the residents a much-needed space and means to socialise.

The wildlife garden fund is provided by contributions of 2p/mile from Church House staff.

Interested in applying for grant aid for parish churches to have wildlife gardens?

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