Counting Visitors!

Published: Monday July 22, 2019

ExploreChurches are working hard to represent our wonderful national collection of incredible churches to the tourism industry. We are talking to both national and regional tourism bodies, developing a variety of regional landing pages and festival landing pages on ExploreChurches. These make it easy for regional tourism bodies to link to and share content, and therefore promote our churches.


But, they need your help. The tourism industry relies on statistics, visitor numbers, income data and more. We know that millions of people visit churches every year, but there is no reliable data to confirm that. They are working with some churches to install digital visitor counters. If you’d like to find out more about this, or be involved in a future trial please get in touch. Early results are good, with some churches recording over 50 (yes 50!) times as many visitors as signed their visitor book. 


But, they can’t install a counter in every church. So, they need to calculate what the correct multiplier for visitor book numbers should be. To do this they need a baseline count, and an idea if numbers are going up or down.

Please could you help them by completing a very short survey. It would help if you know how many people signed your visitors book last year, but even if you can only give an estimate you will help. They will, of course, let you know the results. You can find the survey here


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