Electoral roll

Published: March 25, 2019

Once every six years, the preparation of new church electoral rolls takes place nationally. This year (2019) is one of the national renewal years.

This year, every PCC is required to take everyone off their existing electoral roll and offer the option to apply to be reinstated. The Church Representation Rules state that this is a requirement, even if you have renewed your local electoral roll at some point in the last few years.

Information you may find helpful:

On the Parish Resources website

On our diocesan GDPR pages on our website

On the national Church website.


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One thought on “Electoral roll

  1. It was my reading of the Church Representation Rules that the process of undertaking a renewal of the Electoral Roll was absolutely mandated by those rules, but that the year in which it was done was not. For an APCM in April, this advice dated 25th March and included in the April 2019 Bulletin, is perhaps a little late! A reminder in January would have been more timely.

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