Gloucestershire Reader to become part of ‘Archbishop’s College of Evangelists’

Published: Monday October 21, 2019

Chris AndrewThe founder of Project Touchline, faith-based sports training, will become a member of the Archbishop’s College of Evangelists this Wednesday.

Chris is a Reader in our Diocese and came up with the idea to try to teach Christian values through sport.

Chris said, “I was recently asked by the Bishop of Leicester after featuring on BBC1 Songs of Praise and in recognition of my work with Project Touchline if I would consider becoming a member of the Archbishop’s College of Evangelists.”

He will be commissioned as an ‘Archbishop’s Evangelist’ by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace on Wednesday 23 October. ”

Project Touchline uses sport to teach Christian values and the Christian faith in schools, academies and churches.  Its vision is to collaborate with schools and academies in living out their Christian values and distinctiveness through sport. We believe education should bring “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10) for all children and young people.

Chris said, “It means that my Reader ministry continues but I will become a member of the College. The college has a commitment to evangelism and mission and my ability to lead others in this ministry which is why I have been asked to become a member.  In the past twelve months the Church of England has sensed God’s call to revive the vision for evangelism and for the ministry of the evangelist. The college now has a national target of raising up one thousand evangelists. These evangelists will be at different stages of their calling and from every different background. The key to achieving this vision is to have evangelists and leaders committed to evangelism who model this ministry, carry the vision for it and who can identify those who God has gifted evangelistically. As part of this vision the potential of the College of Archbishops Evangelists has been recognised.”

See Project Touchline on Songs of Praise

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