Impact of our collaborative ‘Real Me’ resource

Published: Tuesday May 14, 2019

BRF (the Bible Reading Fellowship, creators of Messy Church resources) have shared an incredible story about the impact of our collaborative ‘Real Me’ resource…

Am I ‘enough’?

“In one particular Messy Church, the ‘Real me’ message hit hard. The previous week, the suicide of a popular young woman in the wider community – apparently as a result of low self-worth – had rocked the community. Leaders were counselled to use the activity sessions to simply listen to what people needed to say.

“Before the session was over, one woman had confessed to living with abuse for years, and asked for help. Anonymous prayer requests collected for leaders to intercede over in the coming week were dominated with cries for help about mistreatment at work. An emergency meeting of the core team was called to plan how to respond pastorally to this unprecedented outpouring…”

Read the full article here:
Messy Church and Real Me resources on our website

The video below shows this free, collaborative ‘Real Me’ resource in action.


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