Incumbent and administrator training event

Published: May 9, 2019

Thursday 10 October 2019, 9.20am to 2.30pm, Hilton Doubletree Hotel, Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 8EA

Invitation to all clergy and administrators:

Following on from a successful event held for administrators across the Diocese, we have listened to their feedback and organised an event for incumbents and their administrators to attend together in the autumn. We would like to take the opportunity to affirm and encourage you all in your roles, and to help you work more effectively in partnership together.

We have already shared a date with the administrators we have on our database – however, please note the change of date to Thursday 10 October. Please accept our apologies for this change of date, which was due to a clash of bookings for the event leaders. We do hope that this change of date does not cause a problem for you.

All our incumbents who work with administrative staff are warmly invited to attend the event – bookings will be taken for one incumbent and up to two administrators to attend together. The event is designed for employed PAs, Church Administrators, Office Managers or Operations Managers (full or part-time, paid or voluntary) but not for PCC Secretaries, Treasurers or other traditional administrative roles.

We will spend the morning looking at how you can develop your partnership and enable each other to grow in your roles and responsibilities.  Any group work will only be with those who have come to the event with you.

In the afternoon there will be two workshops to choose from.  You can opt to attend either together or separately. One workshop will focus on all issues relating to PCC employment responsibilities and practices; the other will focus on mechanisms and approaches to effective parish communications.

We will be welcoming John Truscott, a consultant with many years of experience in the area of administration, who facilitated the administrators’ training event last year. He brings insight and wisdom from his work with a number of parishes and Dioceses. Katherine Clamp, the Diocesan Senior Communications Officer, will deliver the effective parish communication workshop. She has significant experience of developing and delivering communications across the Diocese.

Canon Judith Knight, the Resources and Safeguarding Director for the diocese, will lead the employment focused workshop.  If you opt for this workshop, it would be really helpful for Judith to have some ideas of the range of issues/topics/problems/questions you’d like to cover.  If you could email your suggestions to Helen Crawford who works with Judith, on by Friday 13 September 2019, that would be helpful.

Please register your interest in attending the event, including your preferred workshop, by emailing Iona Bird on , with the name and contact details of the two or three people who will be attending together. We will send you further information in preparation for the meeting nearer the time.

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